Ransome Fleet Solutions offer a cost effective, retro-fittable in saloon heating solution, using the Eberspacher Hydronic Heater.

Idea for installations in Bus & Coach, large or small. Why waste fuel idling the engine to keep warm? The Hydronic is tapped directly into the vehicles fuel system and a much more cost affective and efficient way to heat your vehicle.

Please contact us with your vehicle specification and we will send one of our engineers to evaluate the install so we can quote accordingly.

4 Power Stages, one size

The HYDRONIC guarantees low operating costs thanks to its excellent efficiency. An economic advantage that you will quickly come appreciate and that is good for the environment. The power stages are 16, 24, 30 or 35 kW versions (with the same interfaces).

Maintenance Free

There are no set maintenance intervals for the HYDRONIC.

Reliable Starting

Heating the nozzle tube ensures flowing and flammable fuel, even in extreme temperatures.

Optimum Combustion at every voltage

Electronic engine speed adjustment to the various supply voltages ensures an optimum fuel-air mixture at any time.

Greater comfort control

By controlling the water temperature at the heater inlet the heating medium temperature is kept almost constant throughout the system.

Even Quieter

HYDRONIC bus heaters are low noise. This increases their acceptance, especially by people living near bus terminals.

Small and Compact

Being small is always an advantage when it comes to installation. The HYDRONIC is small, light and compact, and is compatible with existing systems, which can be replaced without any extra work.

Optimised Fuel Supply

The heater is connected to the fuel supply simply and flexibly. The optional “single line operation” needs no return pipe from the fuel pump to the tank. This reduces the system complexity and susceptibility to faults.

Easy to Service and Safe

Multiple diagnostic functions facilitate servicing.
The modular design of the HYDRONIC and the small number of components enables minimum stocking.
The intelligent electronic control and safety concept works with two sensors. This eliminates the need for a mechanical overheat switch or fuse.